27.11.2023   |  The “3rd Azerbaijan Congress of Hematology Specialists, 1st International Symposium on Blood Banking and
Transfusiology” was held

24.11.2023   |  An international conference was held with the support of the WHO Azerbaijan
20.11.2023   |  Our employee took part in the international conference “Modern treatment of patients with bleeding”, held
in Budapest

20.11.2023   |  ANNOUNCEMENT! A conference dedicated to the birthday of the outstanding state scientist Aziz Aliyev
will be held

18.11.2023   |  Our employee spoke at the international congress in Sapporo
14.11.2023   |  A scientific seminar dedicated to International Diabetes Day was held
07.11.2023   |  Happy Victory Day!
24.10.2023   |  The III Congress of the Association of Obstetricians-Gynecologists and Perinatologists of the South Caucasus
took place

18.10.2023   |  For the first time in Azerbaijan, the Department of Periodontology has been created at the ASATID named
after A. Aliyev

16.10.2023   |  Our employee spoke at the XIV Eurasian Oncohematology Congress
02.10.2023   |  A master course on heart failure was held in Tbilisi
29.09.2023   |  The final exam of medical specialists trained in foreign countries took place
19.09.2023   |  Our employees took part in the congress “Modern approaches in dermatovenerological and aesthetic medicine”
in Tashkent

18.09.2023   |  The 3rd regional conference was held in Sheki
15.09.2023   |  Attention to those admitted to residency for the 2023/2024 academic year
22.08.2023   |  ANNOUNCEMENT! Appeal for the attention of foreign citizens wishing to enroll in residency
05.07.2023   |  A Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation was signed with the Advanced Training Institute for
Doctors and Pharmacists of the Czech Republic

28.06.2023   |  Agreements on joint research were reached at the EASL-2023 Congress in Vienna
27.06.2023   |  Our employee attended the 35th APACRS Annual Meeting in Singapore
19.06.2023   |  The training “Basic life support” was held at the Department of Pediatrics
16.06.2023   |  A training on the project "Attracting fathers to prenatal care" was held
16.06.2023   |  Happy Profession Holiday!
15.06.2023   |  June 15-Happy National Salvation Day!
12.06.2023   |  The 2nd International Congress "Innovations in heart failure" was held
10.06.2023   |  Our employee took part in the 18th Master Course of the Meryl Academy
10.06.2023   |  Our employee participated in the accreditation as an IAAR expert
09.06.2023   |  The 5th International Congress of the Turkish World on Multiple Sclerosis continues it’s work
07.06.2023   |  The 1st International Congress of Azerbaijan Pediatric Society was held
05.06.2023   |  A conference dedicated to the "Philips Day" was held
02.06.2023   |  Our employee was awarded a thankful letter at the VIII Eurasian Congress of Dermatology, Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine
01.06.2023   |  A conference dedicated to the International Children's Day was held
18.05.2023   |  A memorandum of cooperation was signed between The University of Latvia and ASATID
15.05.2023   |  Our employees took part in “The 16th Aegean Days of Dermatology” congress
06.05.2023   |  Our employee took part in the congress "Innovations in Pediatrics and Neonatology"
02.05.2023   |  Our employees took part in the ”Koru gebelik Doğum lohusalık” congress
19.04.2023   |  Our employee participates in the project "Involvement of fathers in prenatal care"
10.04.2023   |  The 2nd Regional Meeting of the Azerbaijan Pediatric Society was held
11.03.2023   |  The department of otorhinolaryngology conducted training on the topic "Revision septorhinoplasty"
08.02.2023   |  The conference "Patient safety: a global plan of action and national priorities" was held
06.02.2023   |  An international conference "Cardiooncology: a new look at the problems" was held
06.02.2023   |  Our employees took part in the 35th Congress of the Egyptian Orthodontic Society
16.01.2023   |  ANNOUNCEMENT! A scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of The National
Leader of Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev will be held

16.01.2023   |  ANNOUNCEMENT! A scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Academician
Zarifa Aliyeva will be held

12.12.2022   |  The XI National Congress of the Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology was held
28.11.2022   |  Seminar "Ecology of the Caspian Sea in connection with oil production and transportation" was held
25.11.2022   |  A conference dedicated to the birthday of the prominent state scientist Aziz Aliyev will be held
23.11.2022   |  Our employees participated in the 43rd Turkish National Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgery Congress
20.11.2022   |  An online conference "Inflammatory and functional bowel diseases" was held
20.11.2022   |  The II International Congress of Hematologists of Azerbaijan was held
14.11.2022   |  VI Congress of the European Confederation CEORLHNS was held in Milan
14.11.2022   |  Our employee spoke at the conference "2nd International Webinar on Primary Health Care and Medical Care"
04.11.2022   |  Our employees made a presentation at the Medinex exhibition
31.10.2022   |  Another course called "Training for trainers" took place
26.10.2022   |  Our employee spoke at the regional conference of the Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology
20.10.2022   |  The 1st International Conference on Medical Technology Assessment was held
18.10.2022   |  AD
13.10.2022   |  Our employee took part in the UEG WEEK 2022 congress
24.09.2022   |  Our resident took part in the 73rd International Astronautical Congress
21.09.2022   |  A meeting was held with the WHO assessment mission at ASATID named after. A. Aliyev
19.09.2022   |  An international conference was held on the topic "Heart disease during pregnancy"
19.09.2022   |  To the attention of foreign citizens wishing to obtain a residence permit
03.09.2022   |  The 1st International Congress of the "Azerbaijan Society of Otorhinolaryngologists" and the "Association of
Otolaryngologists and Surgeons of Central and Western Asia in the field of head and neck" was held in Baku

24.06.2022   |  Our employee participates in the 54th Congress of the European Pancreatic Club (EPC)
20.06.2022   |  A webinar on the topic ”Monkeypox" was held
17.06.2022   |  Happy Profession Holiday day!
06.06.2022   |  A congress was held on the topic "Innovations in the heart failure"
31.05.2022   |  31 мая – Всемирный день борьбы с курением
27.05.2022   |  A seminar was held on the topic "Modern approaches to the detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of

24.05.2022   |  Our residents were awarded diplomas of the 10th ATUREK
23.05.2022   |  Our employee took part in the VI National Forum in Kazakhstan dedicated to inflammatory bowel diseases
16.05.2022   |  Our staff spoke at the II Scientific and Practical Conference of Radiologists of Azerbaijan
14.05.2022   |  A webinar on "Modern methods of hemophilia treatment" was held
28.04.2022   |  The 3rd Eurasian Conference on the topic "Coronavirus pandemic: diagnosis, treatment and complications" was held at the A. Aliyev State Medical University
08.04.2022   |  A conference on the topic "Vitamin B12 deficiency" was held
26.02.2022   |  An international conference on the topic "Dialogues on internal diseases" was held
17.02.2022   |  Teachers of the ASATID named after A. Aliyev are trained at the AMSEC Training and Simulation Center
16.02.2022   |  ASATID named after A. Aliyev was awarded the Gratitude of the World Health Organization
11.02.2022   |  Our employee has received an IAAR expert certificate
11.02.2022   |  Our employees participate in the symposium "Emergency Medical Care System and Emergency Medicine in
Academic Training"

31.01.2022   |  A new international classification of periodontal and peri-implant diseases has been compiled in Azerbaijani
27.01.2022   |  New textbooks have been published
17.01.2022   |  Trainings on the topic "criteria for determining the degree of disability" have come to an end
14.01.2022   |  Our employee spoke at the seminar "the impact of early nutrition on long-term programming"
29.12.2021   |  Condolences
24.12.2021   |  The course “Medical cosmetology” continues successfully
13.12.2021   |  Our employee represented our country at the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Fight against
new coronavirus infection and other infectious diseases”

13.12.2021   |  Trainings were held for medical professionals on the topic "Attracting men to the services of women's counseling
and child care”

13.12.2021   |  Condolences
13.12.2021   |  At the initiative of the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, a course was held at the
ASATID named after A. Aliyev

29.11.2021   |  Our employees spoke at the international conference "Inflammatory and functional bowel diseases"
29.11.2021   |  A conference dedicated to the birthday of prominent statesman and scientist Aziz Aliyev will be held
25.11.2021   |  You can take part in the 18th Congress on Intensive Care in the field of Internal and Surgical knowledge and the
10th Meeting on Intensive Care in Eurasia, organized by TICA

21.11.2021   |  The course "medical cosmetology" pays special attention to practical habits
21.11.2021   |  A webinar on "Medical genetics and modern capabilities" was held
21.11.2021   |  Our employee's article was published in the Acta Scientific Gastrointestinal Disorders journal
12.11.2021   |  Our employees took part in the 42nd Turkish Congress on Ear, Nose, Throat and Neck Surgery
11.11.2021   |  A Course on the Basics of Laparoscopic Surgery Has Been Started
10.11.2021   |  The course in the specialty "Medical Cosmetology" continues at the ASATID named after A. Aliyev
09.11.2021   |  Doctors acquainted with the most modern methods of diagnosis and treatment
29.10.2021   |  A lecture on the topic "Invasive endoscopic methods of treatment" was given at the Department of Therapy
28.10.2021   |  Recommendations on "Oral health and pregnancy" have been compiled
11.10.2021   |  Celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
11.10.2021   |  To the attention of doctors-residents
11.10.2021   |  To the attention of those admitted to residency for the 2021/2022 academic year!
04.10.2021   |  OBITUARY
27.09.2021   |  September 27 - Memorial Day
17.06.2021   |  Happy Professional Training Day!
14.06.2021   |  The webinar dedicated to World Blood Donor Day took place
09.06.2021   |  Our residents passing international trainings
31.05.2021   |  Our staff took part in the online congress of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
31.05.2021   |  Online conference on multiple sclerosis was held
29.05.2021   |  Trainings on measures to fight against COVID-19 pandemic continue in Azerbaijan
21.05.2021   |  The scientific work of our employees is published in the journal of the Society of Endocrinologists
18.05.2021   |  AD!
12.05.2021   |  Happy Ramadan!
10.05.2021   |  May 10 is the birthday of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people, Heydar Aliyev
30.04.2021   |  A regular online meeting of the Academic Council of the Azerbaijan State Institute Advanced Training Institute
for Doctors named after A. Aliyev took place

28.04.2021   |  Azerbaijan Society of Cardiologists and Department of Cardiology of ASATIFD named after A. Aliyev held a joint

19.04.2021   |  "Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-diabetes" research has been successfully completed
15.04.2021   |  April 15 is the day of memory of the outstanding ophthalmologist, academician Khanum Zarifa Aliyeva
09.04.2021   |  Obituary
08.04.2021   |  A World Health Day webinar was held
07.04.2021   |  Our colleague spoke at the 2021 Endocrine Society Congress
29.03.2021   |  Our colleague gave a lecture at the international webinar
15.03.2021   |  Training of Medical Staff on COVID-19 Continues in Azerbaijan
07.03.2021   |  Happy March 8th!
21.06.2017   |  At the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors a meeting will be held for practicing of a
long-term medical education system

09.06.2017   |  Symposium on "Mother and Child Health" will be held
12.04.2017   |  Seminar Devoted to the World Autism Day Held in ASATID
28.03.2017   |  Specialists of our institute took part in the 11th World Congress on the topic "Dissenting Opinions in Neurology"
18.03.2017   |  Meeting devoted to the 90th annyversary of scientifist, professor A.A.Akberbekov was held
14.03.2017   |  The 6th conference of the National Association of Azerbaijani Neurologists will be held
10.03.2017   |  Azerbaijan doctors took part at the Conference of European Federation of Parodontologie held in Malta
25.02.2017   |  Meeting of the Scientific Council at the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after Aziz Aliyev
09.02.2017   |  Distance education programs in progress at the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for
Doctors named after A. Aliyev

27.01.2017   |  Held a meeting of the Academic Council of the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named
after A. Aliyev

11.01.2017   |  International trainings on theme “Application of new technologies in surgery” held in the State Advanced
Training Institute for Doctors named after A.Aliyev

28.12.2016   |  The conference devoted to 120th anniversary of outstanding statesman and scientist Aziz Aliyev was
held in Guba

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