Our employee participates in the project "Involvement of fathers in prenatal care"


The Public Association of Social Initiatives “In Hope for the Future” has launched the project “Involving fathers in prenatal care” since 2021 with the support of the Azerbaijan office of the UN Population Fund and the cooperation of the Center for Public Health and Reforms of The Ministry of Health.
Within the framework of the project, a working group was formed and directions of action were discussed. It is planned to implement a project aimed at expanding the coverage of antenatal services, encouraging more active participation of fathers in child care, improving maternal and child health during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, increasing the knowledge and skills of fathers and mothers in this matter.
In order to establish activities and organize trainings in the regions, Nigar Hajiyeva, Associate Professor of The Department of Pediatrics of ASATID named after A. Aliyev, acted as an expert trainer at the trainings held on April 14-15 at the Perinatal Center in Lankaran and on April 17-18 at the Goychay Central District Hospital as part of the working groups. At the same time, pregnant women and their spouses met with these medical institutions and explained to them the benefits of early involvement of the father in child care for the psychosocial and behavioral skills of the child.
The training was attended by 70 pediatricians, gynecologists, therapists, midwives, nurses and paramedics.

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