The 1st International Congress of the "Azerbaijan Society of Otorhinolaryngologists" and the "Association of Otolaryngologists and Surgeons of Central and Western Asia in the field of head and neck" was held in Baku


Azerbaijani otorhinolaryngology has a glorious history. Since the Society of Otorhinolaryngologists, which for many years was one of the medical societies established in every republic within the USSR and performed a more representative function, hardly reacted to the new realities after independence of our country, an institute was needed as a result, a new, completely independent emerged. After the preparatory work,in 2019, the public association "Azerbaijan Society of Otorhinolaryngologists" was officially registered and began its activities. In a short time, the society was elected a member of the "World Confederation of Otolaryngology Societies", "European Confederation of Otorhinolaryngologists", "Central and West Asian Association of Otolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons" and worthily represents our country in these institutions.
On September 02-03, 2022, Baku hosted the 1st International Congress of the Azerbaijan Society of Otorhinolaryngologists (AOS) and the Association of Otolaryngologists and Surgeons in the Head and Neck of Central and Western Asia (CASO). The Congress consisted of 4 courses and 13 scientific sections devoted to various topical problems of otorhinolaryngology, where a total of 65 speakers from Azerbaijan, USA, Turkey, Poland, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan presented their scientific works. 350 local and foreign otorhinolaryngologists are registered for this purpose.
On September 2, 2022, the opening of the congress took place in the assembly hall of Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. Aliyev.
A minute of silence was observed in memory of our martyrs who died for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. The National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan was played.
Opening the congress, Chairman of the Organizing Committee under the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic, Rector of Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. Aliyev, Professor Nazim Gasimov spoke about the methods used today in the conditions of modernization and innovative development of the healthcare system, modern diagnostics, treatment, prevention and the existence of a great need for medical personnel capable of ensuring clinical, social and economic efficiency of methods rehabilitation. To train such highly qualified specialists, it is necessary to make maximum use of all technical means and opportunities provided by innovative technologies. To do this, one of the most important issues is to ensure the continuity of the system of continuing medical education, which has been implemented in our country for several years. To solve this issue, ASATID named after A. Aliyeva is constantly searching for ways to improve postgraduate medical education, improve it’s quality, new forms and methods of teaching are being introduced into practice. For the full functioning of the adopted concept, the role of scientific societies in various medical specialties is great. Azerbaijani Society of Otorhinolaryngologists also builds it’s activities in this direction and implements various measures to help bring the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ear-throat and head-neck diseases to the world level in Azerbaijan Republic. The international congress, which began today, will hold extensive discussions on the diagnosis, treatment and complications of various otorhinolaryngological diseases and decisions will also be made on which direction further work will be organized.
Then the chairman of "Azerbaijan Otorhinolaryngological Society", the head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of ASATID named after A. Aliyev Professor Nazim Huseynov wished success to the work of the congress.
Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan Nadir Zeynalov, deputies of Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Aydin Mirzazade, Turkish Ambassador in Azerbaijan Jahit Bagci, Chairman of the Turkish ENT Society Professor Tayfun Kirazli, Secretary General of the Society Professor Ozgur Yigit, Chairman of the Kazakh Society of Otorhinolaryngologists Academician Rays Tulebayev, Chairman of the Society of Otorhinolaryngologists of Uzbekistan Professor Khalida Shahova spoke about more and more close and developing relations between the Turkish states, the positive impact of the expansion of interstate relations on scientific relations, and wished success to the work of the congress.
Among the foreign guests of the congress are Professor Metin Onerji, member of the Board of Directors of the World Confederation of Otorhinolaryngology Societies, chairmen of otolaryngological schools of the Turkish Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, former Chairman of the European Society of Laryngologists, which was attended by Professor Ferhan Oz, famous otorhinolaryngologists from Poland, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. The Congress will play an important role in improving the scientific and practical knowledge of Azerbaijani doctors.
On September 3, 2022, the Congress continued it’s work with panel sessions. At the final meeting held in connection with the end of the congress, commemorative medals and diplomas of the "Azerbaijan Society of Otorhinolaryngologists" were awarded to otolaryngologists who participated in the Patriotic War for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, otolaryngology teachers, pensioners, foreign speakers, employees who made an invaluable contribution to the successful holding of the congress, and certificates were also awarded to the participants of the congress.

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