Meeting of the Scientific Council at the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after Aziz Aliyev


    The next meeting of the Scientific Council was held at the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after Aziz Aliyev on February 24, 2017. The schedule of the meeting was as following:

    1. Optimization of the activities of the institute's residency department.
       Speaker: Head of Residency Department PhD R. R. Aliyev.

    2. Articles published by the professors of the institute and publication of documents for educations.

    3. Discussion and confirmation of education and its methods.

    4. Awarding the title of professor to deputy chair of therapy, PhD I.I. Mustafayeva.

    5. Different tasks.

    Rector of the Institute, PhD N. Gasimov opened the meeting with a momentary silence, in honor of the memory of the bloody events of February 26, 1992. The chairman remained the terrible moments of this tragedy in his speech and despite the fact that 25 years have passed, no one has been justly punished for the Khojaly genocide, but he also noted the activity of the Azerbaijan Government for announcement of all truth about this tragedy all over the world. At the end of the speech, Professor N. A. Gasimov described the attitude of various international organizations and foreign states towards this tragedy.
    The head of the department of residence, Ph.D. Rahim Aliyev spoke on the first question and said that for today doctors from 31 specialties of all 40 specializations of the residence of the Republic are being trained in our institute. Of these, 98 residents study at the Faculty of Surgery, 70 - therapeutics, 16 in the preventive treatment department, and so on. There are 24 departments for the preparation of residents. The main ways to improve the activities of the residency are the renewal of programs, the attraction of residents to academic activities, the use of an electronic library and the possibilities of simulation education, a selection of questions for a single resident exam, attendance and control of residents. The programs of the departments for general surgery, pediatric surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, anesthesiology-resuscitation, therapy, pediatrics, cardiology, psychiatry, physiotherapy, social hygiene, etc. have been updated. Attraction to academic activity consists of writing original articles and reviews on relevant literature, discussing clinical cases and participating in scientific conferences. For this, an electronic library is used. The using of available simulators in the institute increases the quality of teaching.
    The rector of the Institute, Professor N.A. Gasimov, noted that the improvement of the quality of education in the residency is connected with the attendance of residents, besides the improving of conditions for the development of these skills is very important to regularly check their knowledge. The second question was made by the scientific secretary, docent L. B. Bakhtiyarova, stating that in 2016 - 420 scientific articles were published: 4 monographs, 6 textbooks, 6 teaching aids, 5 methodological recommendations. Compared to 2015, the number of scientific publications has increased from 400 to 420 and at the same time, the number of textbooks and teaching materials has doubled. 118 out of 399 journal articles were published in foreign sources.
    After completing the analysis of scientific research published in scientific and methodological specialties, the secretary announced new requirements for the publication of scientific papers. Further, docent L. B. Bakhtiyarova stated that in the electronic library all employees should be provided with scientific artifacts and each year they should be updated. This procedure should be followed by the heads of the departments. After discussion and approval of the questions of the Scientific Council of the Institute, other topical issues on the agenda were also considered. Thus, the Scientific Council completed its work.

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