Distance education programs in progress at the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. Aliyev


    Distance learning was widespread in many developed countries. One of the requirements of today is development of this kind of education in our country. The advantage of distance learning is opportunity of getting education, regardless of time and place. Participant gets the opportunity to take an online exam according to profitable time and place. In order to join the distance learning, it is necessary to register and answer the test questions for determining basic skills. After determining the level of knowledge of cadets graduated from the test, it is proposed to choose a topic that he wants to improve. Duration of training depends on the points he scored. As score is higher so time is shorter. During the training, cadets are studying online lectures, solving online task and finally get the opportunity to respond to the tests. After checking the answers cadets get the credit points and the certificate. A test version of the program has already been successfully completed in several departments of our institute. At the moment, the process of connecting to this program of all departments of the institute is started. Algorithm of entering into this program takes place by the following ways:

Picture 1. Home page.

Registration in the system.

    If you are not registered in the system, the registration is required. For doing this click the "Registration" and after that the page of registration of new participants will open (picture 2).

Picture 2. Registration page.

    After filling the correct information into the chart, you need to click on "register". After that, you will get the letter on your email, in order to confirm the registration:

    Welcome user1! (username)
    Thank you for registering on the site of distance learning of ASATID named after A. Aliyev. Click the link below to complete the registration.
    htttp://d-lab.az/hti/az/user/confirm confirm=7scUZon1jTVIVeAjY4Yg7t7nRbqXQL6u?
    If the link does not work, copy and paste it in your browser.

    After clicking on the link the window will open in the browser (picture 3). This means that you have successfully completed the registration and can enter into the system.

Picture 3. Page of completing registration.

    To log in, you need to press "enter" and then the login window will open (picture 4).

Picture 4. The login page.

    The system authorizes you after you enter the login and password provided during registration. After that, you'll need to add personal information about yourself in the schedule. If you don’t provide full information you will not able to pass a screening test. When you try to pass a test exam system will return you to the back page and make a warning (picture 5). To go to your page you need to click on the "Hello User 2".

Picture 5. More information about the user.

Picture 6. Fully completed information.

    After filling and storing information you can begin the trial exam. For doing this you have to press the "trial exam." Then you'll be taken to the page of your specialty. Each topic’s materials consist of an average of 5 pages and is divided into 3 sub-themes and after reading this material you can pass the tests.
Picture 7. Topics selection page.

    Choosing the topic from the list, you will be moved in the sub-list (picture 8). Sub-themes have to be passed one by one. To study the sub-topic, you need to click to the “go” button, which is located next to the sub-theme.

Picture 8. The choice of the sub-page.

    Then you go to a page divided into 5 pages (picture 9). After reading the materials, you can pass the test. To do this, click on the "pass the test".

Picture 9. Page studying material.

System will ask you about readiness to pass the tests (picture 10).

Picture 10. Confirmation of readiness for taking the test.

    Each sub-theme predisposes to 5 questions and 5 variants of answers to each of the topics. 10 minutes are given to you to select the correct answer. (Picture 11).

Picture 11. Completion page tests.

    To complete the test-taking you need to click on the "complete test" button at the end of the page. The system will ask you to confirm this decision. After completing the last sub-topics, according to the test results, you will get the congratulations of the successful completion of the test or the information that test is not passing (picture 12).

Picture 12. Results of the tests of the chosen topic.


    In the case of passing the test, for viewing information about the results, you can go to the "Archive" section (picture 13).


    Here you can read about the most asked questions and their answers.

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