The conference devoted to 120th anniversary of outstanding statesman and scientist Aziz Aliyev was held in Guba


    120th anniversary of outstanding scientist and the statesman, the honored doctor and the doctor of medical sciences, professor Aziz Mammadkarim oglu Aliyev is celebrated this year. It should be especially noted his activities in the sphere of preparation of medical personnel and health care workers. As the doctor and the scientist with profound scientific knowledge Aziz Aliyev had experience to set the purposes for himself and to perform them at the practical level. On the other side, his activities as doctor, scientist and teacher are closely connected with his organizing activities in the sphere of development of healthcare sector. Owing to his profound knowledge and organizing qualities, Aziz Aliyev won deep respect of all and constantly was in the focus of attention of the advanced scientists of Azerbaijan. Aziz Aliyev played a special role in development of the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors. A part of his outstanding life was connected with the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors. He worked as the rector of this institute till the end of his life and today the institute is called in his honor.
    The president of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev has signed the decree "On celebration of the 120th anniversary of the outstanding Azerbaijani statesman and scientist Aziz Aliyev". According to the presidential decree the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall prepare and perform the action plan to celebrate the 120th anniversary of outstanding scientist and the statesman of Azerbaijan Aziz Aliyev. The staff of Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. Aliyev takes active part in this event.
    The first of these actions was scientifically practical conference devoted to the 120th anniversary of Aziz Aliyev, which was held on December 27th, 2016 in Quba city.
    The rector of the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. Aliyev Nazim Gasymov started with an opening speech. The rector mentioned that, looking back at the historical way of development, the Azerbaijan people remember with thanks the sons who served to the homeland and their people with devotion. One of such people is the statesman, the organizer of health care and medical science Aziz Aliyev. During the activities as the head of medical department of a National Commissariat of Azerbaijan, the head of department of health care of the city of Baku, the rector of the Azerbaijani State Medical Institute A. Aliyev used all sides of his experience, talent, inexhaustible energy for developing the medical science in Azerbaijan and training of talented doctors. In the 1959th year Aziz Aliyev began his activity as the rector of the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors and was the rector of this institute for the rest of his days. The big amount of honored pages of the institute is connected with a name of Aziz Aliyev. Those years the institute expanded a field of activity and began training of doctors from all parts of the Soviet Union, Mongolia and Bulgaria. Further, new departments were created, as much as possible research trainings and educational personnel were improved and under his management a set of scientific works of institute staff were published.
    On team base of institute many highly qualified specialists, scientific figures in the medical sphere of the highest category were prepared. Preparation of a local personnel and a world name is a merit of the institute management. The Azerbaijan doctors in a mass order were involved in the process of advanced training. Conditions for carrying out an internship, retraining, internship, a postgraduate study and doctoral studies for doctors and druggists were created in the institute. The institute became the important scientific and medical center of the country. By creating new departments of the institute on the basis of large medical institutions, A. Aliyev provided bilateral improvement of science and practice.
    Aziz Aliyev is also known for his wide scientific activities. In the 1929th year he completed postgraduate studies and he defended the master's thesis. After that, being both the assistant and the associate professor of the Azerbaijani Medical Institute therapy, he later successfully worked on problems, which were important for the Azerbaijan medicine. During this period he published the textbook "Clinical Analyses", which was very important for clinical training for teachers and students. In the 1937th year he defended the doctoral dissertation titled "Experimental Nephrite". This work is one of the first doctor's works protected by the Azerbaijani doctors. This scientific work was awarded with a prize of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Aziz Aliyev is the author of 87 scientific publications, 70 of which are devoted to various spheres of medicine and 17 to historical and political problems.
    It should be especially noted of A. Aliyev's activity as politician. He held high state posts in Azerbaijan, Dagestan and Moscow and has proved as the far-sighted and talented politician. When he worked in Dagestan, he was awarded with a special medal with his own portrait on it. Now this medal is stored in the Historical Museum of Azerbaijan. The honorary title "The honored doctor of the Azerbaijan SSR" has been given to Aziz Aliyev in 1960. He was the deputy of the I-II convocation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the I-III convocation of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijani SSR, the II convocation of the Supreme Soviet of Dagestan. He has been twice awarded by the Order of Lenin, then Red Flag Order, an award of the Great Patriotic War of the first degree and a set of medals.
    On September 27th, 1962 at the request of collective and the 773rd decree of the Cabinet of the Ministers, the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors is named by the name of Aziz Aliyev. The staff of institute accepted this fact as deep appreciation to the great scientist for his merits before domestic medicine.
    It should be noted that the tendencies, which were established by A. Aliyev proceeds up to this day and the institute develops every day. For many years our institute is celebrating Aziz Aliyev's anniversaries by scientific and practical conferences. Today's conference is devoted to his 120th summer anniversary and we hold it in Guba, which is one of the beautiful corners of our country, with representatives of the medical public of the area.
    Further the speech was made by MD A. Gafarov and docent Z. M. Quliyeva, they told about A. Aliyev's life, activity and his scientific works.
    At a conference also participated professorial and teaching staff of ASATID by the name of A. Aliyev and representatives of the medical public of Quba district. Performances have been listened and discussions around subjects are held with interest.

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